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Wind Wood Utilization

Wind Wood Utilization is the hub for information specifically relating to the preparation for, response to, recovery from major wind events and the utilization of downed & damaged timber and woody debris that can be generated.

  • Looking for a specific service provider: forester, logger, trucking contractor?
  • Searching for a market(s) for a wood product?
  • Trying to figure out who in government is responsible for what?
  • Looking for fuel, equipment parts, lodging, etc outside of your normal area of business operation?
  • Looking for answers to keep you from reinventing the wheel? can help answer these questions. The Quick Links takes you to pages with service provider contact information for loggers, foresters and trucking contractors. There are Quick Links to market information for local, regional, national and global buyers of timber products and biomass. There are Quick Links to help understand the basic governmental processes involved in disaster planning, declaration, response and recovery with specific emphasis on the processes effecting disaster debris management & cleanup and timber salvage. For the service provider working outside of normal areas of operation there are Quick Links to information for locating supplies, fuel, equipment dealers, lodging, medical services and other items necessary to conduct business. There are also links to lessons learned and knowledge gained from experiences with past wind events by various stakeholders including: landowners, foresters, local & state governments, federal agencies and others.

The Timber Salvage link at the top of the page will guide you to specific information to help make timely decisions relative to downed and damaged timber.

The Storm Preparation Checklists link takes you to specific checklists to help focus and stay on task as preparations for storm season are made.

The Tools link provides tools to help cope with the multitude of high stress jobs and situations that a wind event disaster will generate. Tools include: checklists and guides to help focus and stay on task, examples of plans and actions to help clarify and expedite the jobs at hand, and websites to provide real time data, up to date information, and links to services needed to complete the jobs.

This website is a project of the Woody Biomass Utilization Group, an inter-agency working group and was created by the Mississippi State University Department of Forestry. It is supported by Mississippi State University’s Sustainable Energy Research Center, with funding from the United States Department of Energy.