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National/International Markets

The links provided here are a compilation of available online sources of the markets and market information available for timber and biomass products.

The list of buyers and sellers provided here does not represent an endorsement of any of the companies or their representatives. As in all business transactions you should do your home work and consult a professional before committing to anything. The map and yellow page type search links can be searched for local timber buyers by typing in the product, wood chips, pulpwood, saw logs, poles, etc and the city and state or zip code.

Many of the national & global links will give local contact numbers and the majority of the information on individual states forest product markets comes from State Forestry agencies and can also be accessed via their websites. The majority of links provided for sellers on the state level are for State Forestry Associations. These associations are historically the organizations that champion the welfare and interests of those who provide the raw material for the various forest product markets within a state. This is not to imply that State Forestry Associations represent all forest landowners within a state, but rather that generally they are the largest non-governmental member organization within a state representing the greatest number of forest landowners. Additional seller links are given by state.

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Timber/Fiber Markets

Biomass Markets

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